Are Cashews Poisonous to Cats?

Most people love cashew nuts because they are small and delicious snacks. As most pet owners like sharing what is on their plate with their felines, they think that the nuts are an excellent tasty treat for their cats. Cats are also interested in eating them. However, the question that most pet owners should start asking themselves is that regardless of the cashews been safe for them, are they safe for their cats to consume?. It is not always the case where if a particular food is safe for humans, it will still be safe for cats. Generally, cashew are ok for cats to eat as they do not cause any serious hazards that you need to panic about. With that being said, it is not advisable to often feed them with the cashews because they are not very healthy for cats.

Is It Unhealthy To Feed Your Cat Cashews?

Generally, they are not a healthy food choice that should be fed to cats despite them not been toxic. As they don;t provide any health benefits to your cat, you should only give them at least one or two at a time and nothing more. Below are some of the ways in which cashews negatively affect your cat’s health.

High fat content

Most wild cats depend on a diet that consists of lean meat. Therefore most of them do not consume fats in higher amounts like those found in cashews. Nevertheless, it does not mean that because wild cats do not digest fats, their bodies are insufficient of fats, but what happens is that they tend to store more than they are supposed to, making your feline obese or overweight over time. Excess body weight or obesity is one of the severe health conditions common in cats who consume them in large amounts. Therefore to prevent your kitten from having this condition, you are encouraged to feed them with a lean diet and provide them with what they could be eating if they were still wild cats.

In most cases, cats are not meant to consume plants in the wild, only that they usually eat a few greens to help them indigestion. Therefore other than for a reason above, cats entirely rely on meat for survival because cats are not good at digesting plant-related products like cashew nuts because your pet have getstomach upset and vomit after taking a lot of cashews.

Too Much Sodium

Even though you do not add salt to the nuts, they have to much sodium. As cats do not have any natural sources of the mineral in their foods, they consume very little of the nutrient because their bodies do not digest a lot of sodium. Hence, if your cats eats too much of the mineral from the nuts, hey are more likely to suffer from severe dehydration. Therefore, after feeding the cat with the cashew nuts, you are required to ensure that they drink plenty of water to prevent them from being dehydrated. Alternatively, look for low-sodium nuts if you want your feline to enjoy the meal.

Choking hazard

Choking hazard is one of the side effects that most people usually do not consider before feeding them with cashews. As such, it is the fatal risks that they predispose your cats to because they are small and easy for humans to take, but cats do not have the same type of teeth, making it challenging for them to consume cashews. As cats are used to eating meat, their teeth are therefore adopted and meant for killing and eating meat and not nuts. Despite the nuts being tiny to humans, to the pet, they seem huge, and easily block your cat’s airway. If your cat’s airway gets lodged, it will choke and might die if no immediate action is taken. Suppose you need to feed it with nuts, ensure you feed them halves or smaller pieces that cannot choke them.


Pancreatitis is one of the long-term effects that might be seen after feeding your pets with the meal regularly. Pancreatitis makes your cat’s pancreas enlarge, and advanced treatment, which is very stressful and costly, is required to treat this condition. Some of the symptoms of pancreatitis include loss of appetite, fever, and lethargy. It is a severe problem that you cannot take care of or handle without involving a vet.

Can You Feed Your Kitten Cashews?

It is important to note that cats and kittens are very different because cats have teeth for chewing , nuts, or anything else, excluding meat. On the other hand, kittens do not have any teeth because they are not yet developed; therefore, they cannot chew cashews. Additionally, the digestive system of kittens is still not well developed to digest solid foods. Therefore if you feed your kitten cashews, he or she is more likely to choke because your kitten cannot chew it properly.

Others often ask if cashew nut milk is suitable for their kittens because they cannot chew. The answer is no because the milk causes adverse reactions in kittens. After all, their digestive system is not yet prepared to digest fats. Despite the effect of the milk not being adverse, you are still advised to avoid feeding your kittens with cashew-based foods or drinks.

Can My Cat Drink Cashew Milk?

Since cashews are not toxic, it’s okay to let your cat eat them in regulated amounts. However,you are encouraged to do so sparingly because cashew and cashew milk has a high-fat content, which is not suitable for your cat. After all, Cashew milk is not a natural part of any cats diet. The milk is only good if given as an occasional treat because it can cause obesity if fed regularly. As milk does not pose a choking risk to your cat, it is preferable compare to whole cashews.

it is essential to note that cashews are not healthy for your cat’s consumption, but they do not cause any health hazard if given in small amounts. Therefore, you are required to understand the facts laid down in the article above about the nuts before feeding your beloved pet.

Are Cashews Poisonous to Cats Final Thoughts

It’s important to note that cashews are not healthy for your cat’s consumption, but they do not cause any health hazard if given in small amounts. It’s a good idea to understand the facts we have laid about to you before you decide to let you cat much on a couple cashews.

Has your cat every had a cashew? Did you panic when discovering your furry friend munching on them behind your back? Tell us your story in the comments below and as always feel free to checkout our other articles on cats right here

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