Can Cats Eat Applesauce?

Cats are carnivores. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t want to eat something else, on occasion. While non-meat is unlikely to have much of a positive benefit on a cat, some cats just love to sink their teeth into something different. So, what happens if your cat is eyeing up your applesauce? Can they eat it? We have the answer.

Can Cats Eat Applesauce? Is It OK?

Generally speaking, it’s not a good idea to feed your cat applesauce. If you have bought applesauce from the store, then chances are that it is absolutely loaded up with preservatives. These preservatives are going to be awful for your cat, and you really don’t want them tucking into something that has the potential to make them sick. Their stomachs just aren’t built for the preservatives found in products like this.

Can Cats Eat Applesauce?

If you have made the applesauce yourself, then it may be passable. We probably still wouldn’t recommend giving them applesauce due to the fact that applesauce is exceedingly high in sugar. However, they can probably get away with eating it. Only give them a small amount at a time, though. By a small amount, we mean nothing more than the size of your fingertip. Give them too much, and they probably will end up being sick.

Can Kittens Eat Applesauce?

We would not suggest that you give a kitten applesauce. It doesn’t matter whether the applesauce has been purchased from a store, or whether you have made it at home.

While an adult cat may be able to stomach the applesauce (barely), a kitten stands no chance. If you have a kitten, then you will know just how sensitive their stomachs can be if you are giving them the right foods. Now, put the wrong foods in their stomach i.e. applesauce, and they are going to be vomiting everywhere, and you may even end up with a kitten that’s in pain.

Even if your kitten looks at your applesauce with the saddest and most begging of eyes, we simply wouldn’t tempt it. We don’t think there is a single time that it has ever gone right. Your kitten may not appreciate what you are doing for them, but at least you can rest easy knowing that you are not putting your kitten through an awful situation.

Negatives Of Cats Eating Applesauce

There are a lot of negatives to giving your cats applesauce.

Firstly, most store-bought applesauce are going to be laden with all sorts of preservatives. Your cat’s stomach is not going to be able to handle those preservatives, and even a small amount can end up making them quite sick.

Can Cats Eat Applesauce? Is It OK?

When you put that to one side, cats are simply not built to handle fruit. They aren’t like dogs. Dogs are omnivores. Cats are strict meat eaters. Thier diet needs to be almost all meat. Their stomachs handle little else but meat.

If you give them fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. then they are going to end up with a very poorly stomach. Think along the lines of serious pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. They may be able to get away with a small amount of applesauce in their diet, but we still wouldn’t tempt fate.

Finally, applesauce is incredibly high in sugar. In fact, let’s be honest, it is pretty much pure sugar. Your cat is not going to be able to cope with this all that well and, once again, it is going to have a major impact on their stomach.

If you give your cat too much sugar (and we are not just talking about applesauce here), there is always the risk that they can develop diabetes, which could result in them being on medication for life. However, we are keen to point out that the risk of this happening from a single amount of applesauce every so often is incredibly low.

Positives of Cats Eating Applesauce

Honestly? There aren’t that many benefits to giving your cats applesauce.

Perhaps the only benefit that springs to mind is the fact that some cats may actually enjoy the applesauce. They love the sweetness of it. So, that’s pretty much all your cat is getting out of the applesauce.

Sure, there are some vitamins kicking around in the applesauce that your cat may like. However, applesauce is still mostly sugar. There is literally nothing in that applesauce that your cat wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else in much larger quantities.

Since there are no real positives to a cat eating applesauce, you can completely ignore the idea of giving it to them.


How Often Can You Give Your Cat Applesauce?

We suggest that you never give your cat applesauce. There isn’t much benefit to them having applesauce in their diet. It just runs the risk of making them sick. If you do insist on giving a cat applesauce, then you should give them no more than a fingernail-sized amount a couple of times per week.

It Is Dangerous To Feed A Cat Apples?

Your cat (but not a kitten) can probably eat the tiniest chunks of apple each week. It isn’t dangerous, but there is no real benefit to it. It can possibly make some cats sick.

Is Applesauce A Good Treat For A Cat?

No. There is nothing beneficial in applesauce for a cat. Cats do not need fruits to survive, and they certainly do not need applesauce.

Will A Cat Get Sick From Applesauce?

If you give your cat a small amount of applesauce, then probably not. However, their stomachs are not designed to handle huge amounts of fruit. If you give them too much, then you could make them very sick.

Final Thoughts

While applesauce isn’t going to be dangerous for a cat to eat, you shouldn’t feed your cat applesauce. A cat does not need fruit in their diet, and they certainly do not need applesauce which is exceedingly high in sugar.

If you have to give your cat a treat, then give them some sort of meat-based treat. If you give them applesauce, then there is a risk that your cat could end up with an upset stomach. If you’re unsure on what other foods you can and can’t feed your cat, we have a great page just for you!

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