Can Cats Eat Plantain Chips?

Cats are, of course, carnivores. This means that their diet is meat. However, many cats do like to sneak a few non-meat products into their diets every so often. So, what happens if your cat wants a sneaky plantain chip? Can cats eat plantain chips without getting sick? We asked our experts.

For the most part, it should be fine if a cat eats a plantain chip here and there. However, a cat’s body isn’t exactly built for them. This means that if they do eat the plantain chips, then their eating should be kept to the minimum, otherwise you will end up with a very sick cat.

Let’s explain in a bit more depth, just so you know what we mean here!

Can Cats Eat Plantain Chips? Is It OK?

Yes. It should be fine if a cat eats one or two plantain chips. However, they shouldn’t do it too often, nor should they be consuming too many plantain chips at once.

What you have to remember is that a cat’s body is designed for processing meat and not a whole lot else. This means that your cat isn’t really going to be getting that much benefit from the plantain chips. They may get an extra mineral or two, but nothing that is going to make it worth giving them a plantain chip every so often.

So, yes. Cats can eat plantain chips. No. It isn’t going to be worth them eating a plantain chip. Most cats probably aren’t going to be huge fans of them anyway.

Can Kittens Eat Plantain Chips?

No. Kittens should not be eating plantain chips at all.

Kittens have much more sensitive stomachs than their adult counterparts. If adult cats are barely able to cope with plantain chips in their diet, then kittens certainly will not be able to cope with them in their diet.

Can Kittens Eat Plantain Chips?

Now, the good news is that plantain chips are not going to be toxic to your cats or kittens. This means that you do not have to worry about your kitten getting deathly sick from the consumption of plantain chips. At the most, they are probably going to end up with an irritated stomach and some loose stools. It isn’t going to be the end of the world if you can keep your kitten hydrated. Still, nobody wants to see their kitten in pain, so you are going to want to avoid this wherever possible.

Negatives Of Cats Eating Plantain Chips

As we mentioned before, cats are carnivores. This means that while they can eat plants, fruits, vegetables, etc. their body isn’t really built for it. The cat’s body isn’t going to be great at extracting nutrients from the plantain chips. This means that while plantain chips are sort of healthy for humans due to the nutrients that they have packed into them, they have little to no benefit for a cat.

Even if you put the lack of nutritional benefit to one side, you have other issues with plantain chips.

For starters, most plantain chips are going to be salted. Cats really do not need a lot of salt in their body, and thus you do not want to be giving them salted plantain chips because it can make them sick.

Because the cat’s body isn’t going to be tremendous at processing the plantain chips, it does mean that the cat is going to end up with an irritated stomach.

If your cat has an irritated stomach, then they are going to be in a lot of pain. They may vomit. They may have diarrhea. It just isn’t going to be pleasant.

Negatives Of Cats Eating Plantain Chips

Finally, plantain chips can be quite filling for a cat. This means that if they eat just a few, their stomach will be full. This can make it incredibly difficult for them to eat the food that is going to have some sort of nutritional benefit for them. This means that your cat may end up getting sick due to lack of nutrients too.

All in all, while cats can eat plantain chips, the downsides are so extensive that we probably wouldn’t recommend that they go near them at all.

Positives Of Cats Eating Plantain Chips

Just about the only positive of a cat eating plantain chips is that they are not toxic. Obviously, they are going to cause irritation to your cat. However, they are not going to be deadly to your cat, as long as they are kept hydrated and comfortable. This means that you are not going to need to head to the vet to have them looked at.

As we mentioned a bit earlier on, you are going to find a few nutrients and minerals inside of the plantain chips that may be beneficial to your cat. However, they are going to occur in such small quantities that it doesn’t really matter that they are there. There are plenty of far better things that your cat will be able to munch on that isn’t going to lead to all of those problems.

We suppose that there are some cats that do enjoy eating plantain chips. This could be a reason to give them to your cat in limited quantities. However, again, it is very rare that you will find a cat that is happy to eat plantain chips over something that is much more delicious.


How Many Plantain Chips Can a Cat Eat?

Ideally, you wouldn’t give your cat any plantain chips. However, if you do, then one at a time, no more than a couple of times per week.

Can Cats Eat Salted Plantain Chips?

We wouldn’t recommend that you give your cat salted plantain chips. Cats should not have a lot of salt in their diet.

Are Plantain Chips a Good Treat For a Cat?

No. They are not healthy for a cat. While a cat can eat them, there are far better alternatives for treats.

Final Thoughts

Cats can eat plantain chips, but they shouldn’t. Kittens shouldn’t touch plantain chips at all. If you are insistent on giving your cat plantain chips, then make sure that they have them no more than once or twice per week.

If you’d like to know about what cats can and can’t eat, be sure to check it out here. Also feel free to leave a comment with any questions concerning cats eating plantain chips

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