How to Raise a Kitten to be Cuddly? 7 Tips & Tricks

Everybody wants to cuddle up to their pets. Unlike dogs, though, cats do not display all that much affection. In fact, many cats love to spend time alone rather than hang out with their owners. That being said, there are ways to raise your kitten to be cuddly. That is what we want to talk a little bit about on this page.

So, how do you raise a kitten to be cuddly? Well, you start from a young age. While not all cats are going to enjoy being cuddled, if you show your cat a lot of affection e.g. grooming, petting, and playing, then you stand a much greater chance of your cat growing into an older, cuddly cat.

We are going to be expanding upon this a little bit. After all, we are positive that you are itching for more than a couple of lines of information. You want to know exactly how to raise your kitten to be cuddly.

How to Raise a Kitten to be Cuddly?

If you have a new kitten, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to raise it to be cuddly. It is certainly going to be easier than an older cat. The only time that you are really going to have difficulty is if the kitten is separated from its mother before the kitten is 8-weeks-old. These kittens always seem to have a harder time bonding with their owners. We suppose it is down to the fact that they haven’t learned everything that they need to at this point.

The tips here are a mixture of things that you can do as your kitten is growing older, as well as some handy tips that will encourage them to cuddle you a bit more often.

Regularly Pet Your Kitten

In order to encourage your cat to be more cuddly, you need to bond with it. What better way to bond with the kitten than to regularly pet it?

Of course, only pet your kitten when it seems willing. Cats, just like people, do need space to themselves on occasion.

Regularly Play with Your Kitten

This is another way that you can bond with your kitten. Kittens are more likely to cuddle up to those that have shown them affection or paid attention to them. Play with your kitten, and they will be cuddling up to your kitten in next-to-no time at all.

Feed Your Kitten

Again, this is an affection thing. Cats are more likely to cuddle up to those that have made sure that the cat’s needs are met. Remember, cats are sociable animals. They socialize with those that are willing to keep an eye out for them! If your cat spots you feeding them, then they will make a mental note of it.

Groom Your Kitten

If you groom your kitten, it is almost as if if you are your kitten’s mother. They love the whole brushing and cleaning motion. Kittens that are regularly groomed tend to be more likely to cuddle up to their owners.

Give the Kitten a Dedicated Space it Can Escape To

Some people have suggested that a cat that has its own space to escape to is more likely to cuddle up to its owner. It is assumed that this is because the kitten feels much more comfortable in their home. When they are not constantly on edge, they are going to be able to relax a little bit more.

Keep the Room Cool

Cats won’t cuddle up to you if it is hot. That room needs to be cool. You will likely find that your kitten is more likely to cuddle up to you of an evening than during the day.

Be Affectionate with the Kitten

You should try to raise your kitten with a lot of affection. Heap praise on them. Cuddle them. Pet them. Give them treats every so often. The more affection you raise your cat with, the more affection they are going to show back.

Can You Make an Adult Cat More Cuddly?

Honestly, if your cat wasn’t cuddly as a kitten, it is going to be ridiculously difficult to get them cuddly as an adult cat. By that point, the personality of the cat is already going to be set in stone. This means that there isn’t really a whole lot you can do to change them. We do have a couple of tips that may help. However, do bear in mind that if your cat isn’t cuddly and refuses to cuddle, there is no guarantee that you will be able to ever change them.

Play with your Cat

Older cats are more likely to be cuddly if you tire them out first. Therefore, we suggest that you play with your cat a little bit. Make them tired and, you never know, they may just come up and cuddle you when you least expect it!

Remember, you playing with your cat also means that you are giving them attention. Cats that get attention crave even more attention. This, again, means that they are much more likely to come and cuddle up to you.

Use Treats to Bribe your Cat

If your cat has a favorite treat, don’t be afraid to sit with them. Your cat will probably jump up on your lap and eat them. If you are lucky, then they may just hang around. The problem is that this is very much bribery. Unless you have a very convincing cuddle, your cat probably won’t be returning unless there are treats that they can sink their teeth into.

Groom them Regularly

If you groom your cat regularly, then they will start to understand the joys of you cuddling up to them. This may encourage an older cat that may be a little bit wary of you to enjoy a cuddle or two.

Let Them Chill Out When They Cuddle You

When the cat does come to cuddle up to you, make sure that you let them chill out. Just let them relax. The quickest way to discourage a cat from cuddling up to you is to stand up within a couple of minutes of your cat making themselves comfortable. They just won’t bother in the future. The whole reason they are looking to cuddle you is to relax, after all.

If A Cat Isn’t Cuddly, Does it mean it Doesn’t Love You?

Absolutely not. Cats, just like people, have their own personalities. This means that you may have a cat that isn’t really the affectionate type. This doesn’t mean that your cat doesn’t love you. It simply means that they just don’t like the whole cuddling aspect of the relationship.

As long as you treat your cat properly and respond to their needs, then we are confident that they genuinely are going to love you.

As a side-note here. If your cat isn’t the cuddly type, don’t try and force it into being cuddly. It is just going to irritate your cat. If your cat wants a cuddle, then it will come for a cuddle.

How to Raise a Kitten to be Cuddly Final Thoughts

Raising your kitten to be cuddly isn’t always a possibility. Some cats will have a rather solitary personality. However, if you start early and are regularly affectionate toward your cat, we have no doubt that they are going to be displaying a bit of affection toward you too.

Is your cat affectionate and cuddle towards you? Has he or she always been that way or did it comes with practice? Let us know in the comment section below and be sure to checkout our other articles in cat behavior so you can better understand your furry friend

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