Why Do Cats Make A Noise When They Jump?

Notice your cat making a sound when it jumps? This is perfectly normal. Cats make sounds when they jump all the time. BUt, why do cats make a noise when they jump? Let’s explain.

There are several reasons why a cat may make a noise when it jumps. In many cases, it is because their predatory instinct is starting to kick in. In others, it may be because they are looking for attention from you. It is important that you listen to your cat to understand what they want, or why they are making a sound.

Let’s go into a bit more depth on this. This way, our experts can help you to decide why your cat may be making a sound.

Why Do Cats Make a Noise When They Jump?

As we said, there are several reasons why your cat may make a sound when they jump. Sadly, since cats don’t speak, you are going to have to look for contextual clues to work out why it is happening.

Remember, cats may not make a sound each time they jump. Cats can be silent if they want to be.

They Are About To Attack Prey

This is probably the most common reason for cats making a sound when they jump. If the cat spots something that they want to eat, then they will lunge and let out a sound. It is unknown why they make this sound when they jump, but there is a good chance that it is to scare their potential prey a little bit. After all, if something screams while it is jumping at you, then you would be too startled to move.

They Are Scared

Cats can feel, just like we can. This means that if they let out a sound while they are jumping, it could indicate that something has startled them. This is something that you will often see if they get close to a dog or a potentially aggressive other cat.

They Want Your Attention

Some cats may let out a meow because they want something from you. For example, they may want you to give them treats, or they just may want to be petted a little bit.

That being said, it is very rare that a cat is going to jump in order to get your attention. It is likely only going to happen fi they jump on your lap. You won’t really see a cat jumping from a great height just to get your attention.

They Are Trying To Jump Higher

Some cats may make a sound because they are trying to jump somewhere that is a little bit out of their reach. Therefore, if you see a cat make a sound while they are trying to jump, then this is likely going to be the reason. You may want to give them a helping hand and get them to where they need to be.

They Have Spotted Another Cat

Finally, you may catch that cat making a sound if they have spotted another cat. It is likely that they are doing it to get the other cat’s attention. However, there is also a small chance that the sound may be more aggressive in nature. You will have to listen to your cat to try and work out what is going on here.

Do Cats Make Different Sounds When They Jump?

There are actually a few sounds that your cat can potentially make when they jump. They may give you more of a clue as to why your cat is jumping. Although, you should probably be aware that not every cat is going to vocalize when they jump. Some cats are completely silent. It is unknown why this is because it doesn’t seem to be something that happens only with certain breeds. There are just some cats that are more vocal than others.


Meowing is one of the most common sounds that you can hear when a cat jumps. It means excitement, or they are trying to get your attention. Only in rare cases is it because they have switched to predator mode.


Hissing is an aggressive sound. You will often hear a cat hiss if they are a bit angry, or they have spotted something that they want to have a good munch on (i.e. they have spotted prey)


Grunting normally indicates that the cat is trying to add a bit of extra oomph to their jump. This means that something may be a bit of their reach, and you can give them a helping hand to get it.


If your cat is making a trilling sound, then they are either looking to get your attention or the attention of another cat. You may notice that a cat trills if they are inside and they spot potential prey outside of the home.

Why Do Cats Make a Noise When They Land?

It isn’t just when a cat jumps that they make a sound. Oh no. They are also going to make a sound when they land. This is going to a grunting sound although, of course, it isn’t going to happen all the time.

Thankfully, this sound is going to be much easier to decipher. When your cat makes a sound when they land, it is because they have put all the pressure on their feet. While a cat may be light to you, the cat is still quite heavy for its legs. If they jump from a big height, then they are going to let out a grunting sound just like you or I would when we jump from a height.

Final Thoughts

Cats make a sound while they jump for a whole host of reasons. You will probably have to listen to the sound that they are making to know what is happening. In some cases, the sound can be a sign of aggression and, in others, it can simply be because they want to get your attention. It doesn’t matter too much if your cat is making a sound. It is perfectly normal.

Does you cat make noise when he/she jumps? If so, what is your theory as to why? Let us know in the comment section below and as always feel free to take a look at some of out other cat articles on weird cat behavior

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