Why Do Cats Prefer One Person?

If you have a cat with multiple people in the family, it won’t be long before you realize that your cat prefers one person over all the others. Have you ever wondered why? That is what we want to discuss on this page.

It’s unsure why cats usually prefer one person over another. However, it appears that cats tend to favor the ones that imprint on them first. The very first person to cater to a cat’s needs in a household will likely end up becoming their favorite person.

We are sure that this rather short answer isn’t going to satisfy some of you, though. So, if you read on, we really want to go into depth on why cats likely prefer one person over another.

Why Do Cats Prefer One Person?

We can only speculate as to why cats seem to prefer some people over others. We can’t really tap into the mind of a cat, after all. it seems that who a cat finds to be the favorite person in a household can be completely unpredictable too.

The main theory is that a cat chooses its favorite person early on in its life. This means when it is a kitten. It is likely that a cat will choose their favorite based upon whoever is most in touch with the cat’s needs.

Remember, while cats can be solitary at times, they are going to be looking to their owners to provide them with food, water, and safety. if they see that one person has given them this, then they are more likely going to bond with that person.

Chances are that you will find the cat’s favorite person will be the one that:

  • Feeds them
  • Plays with them
  • Doesn’t irritate the cat too much
  • Lets them outside of the cat is an outdoor cat that wants to go outside.

Cats probably aren’t going to find those that don’t really do much to the cat their favorite. They may still like them, but that is completely different. We are sure that you have tons of friends, but you may only have one best friend, right?

Can You Change Who a Cat Likes the Most?

This is unknown. Cats are their own animals. However, it does seem that once a cat has one favorite in the family, it is pretty tough to get them to change who they prefer. This is because the cat’s favorite is bonded to them pretty early on in the cat’s life.

That being said, just because you are not your cat’s favorite doesn’t mean that your cat doesn’t care about you. You will still be able to have a ton of fun with them. It just means that you are probably not going to be their first port of call when they have a pressing need that really does need to be dealt with.

So, we really suggest that you don’t worry too much.. Just try your best to bond with your cat and you should be just fine.

How Can You Bond With a Cat?

Firstly, if you have had issues with your cat in the past, even if they are accidental, then you are going to find that bonding with your cat will become a whole lot harder. For a long while, cats are going to see humans as their predators. After all, humans are much larger than cats. In the wild, these cats would just run away. Over time, they will start to see their humans as pack leaders. Again, in the wild, cats are going to be naturally wary of their pack leaders. They are just going to be falling in line.

If you have done anything that could potentially have scared or injured your cat, then you really will have your work cut out for you. While there is nothing to say that you won’t be able to bond with your cat later on, you really have made your life a whole lot more difficult.

#1 Pay Attention to the Cat’s Needs

The key to bonding with a cat is paying attention to their needs. You need to be able to recognize:

  • When the cat wants to eat
  • When the cat wants to play
  • When the cat wants to be cuddled.
  • When the cat wants to be let outside

Cats, obviously, can’t talk. This means that you need to pay attention to their vocalization (meowing and purrs), or their behavior. Luckily, this is something that should be easy to pick up on. If a cat realizes that one method of communication seems to be getting them what they want, then they are going to stick to it.

#2 Don’t Irritate The Cat

Cats love to have a bit of time alone every so often. The key to bonding with your cat is knowing when your cat doesn’t want to socialize with anybody.

If your cat is hiding, don’t irritate them. If your cat looks like they do not want the attention that you are given them e.g. they get their claws out or bare their teeth, then don’t irritate them.

In fact, the only time that you will know when your cat wants to socialize and interact with you is if they clearly show it. If they are playing, or they seem to be all affectionate around you, then you should be safe to interact with the cat. They will let you know.

Honestly, this is going to be one of the simplest ways to bond with your cat. This is an animal that really does love when people respect their boundaries.

#3 Socialization is Key

You need to treat your cat like they are a member of the family. This means talking to them, playing with them, cuddling up to them. If you socialize with your cat when they need it, then you really are going to find it a whole lot easier to bond with the cat.

Why Do Cats Prefer One Person Final Thoughts

Cats will almost always choose a favorite person in the family. However, don’t worry if they don’t choose you. It doesn’t really mean that much. Your cat will still love you if you properly care for them, they just may not love you more than somebody else. We are sure that you can deal with that.

Does your cat prefer you over your spouse? Or maybe your cat just really dislikes everyone. Let us know in the comment section below and as always be sure to checkout out latest articles on other weird cat behavior.

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