Why Does My Cat Follow Me Then Run Away?

Is your cat following you and then running away? It may have confused you and left you wondering why your cat seems to do this far too often.

There are a few reasons why your cat might follow you and then run away. But the most likely reason is your cat could be trying to play with you, might not fully trust you, or could potential be hiding some sort of illness. If this is a behavior your cat has recently developed, it might be because of new smells in the house or other changes that you recently implemented. Remember cats can be very finicky and are sensitive to changes in their daily routines.

4 Reasons Why Your Cat Follows You Then Runs Away

Cats behaviors aren’t an exact science and vary greatly due to the cats breed and individual personality. However, overall this is our best guesses as to why a cat might follows you and then runs off.

#1 Your Cat Is Being Playful

When cats are very curious and playful creatures. So it’s no surprise that if your cat will start following you and then run away, he or she probably wants to play. Very much like a game of tag, your cat might want you to follow them. A good way of testing this out is by engaging with your cat. Run into the next room and hide, if your cat comes to look for you, then it probably means your cat is just in a playful mood.

#2 Your Cat Doesn’t Trust you

Trust is very important to cats. Have you taken your cat to the vet recently, accentually scared them? If so your cat might be not very trusting of you and is avoiding unwanted attention from you. Also keep in mind that you’re a giant compared to your cat, which can be very intimidating. Be patient with your cat and do your best to avoid unwanted attention. Try doing things for your cat that they love like treats, frequent play time, and affection (when they want it). I guarantee you in a few days your cat will trust you much more.

#3 Your Cat Might Be Sick

Just like humans, cats can get sick and come down with illnesses however signs of being sick might not be so obvious. In the wild, injured or sick cats will often hide in order to avoid predators. If your cat is usually playful but recently has been following you and then running away to hide, illness might be a possibility. It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on your cat an check their bowel movements. If your cat is throwing up more than normal, or has changes in peeing and pooping, take them to the vet.

#4 Your Cat Got Spooked

Some cats are very skittish and as a result do some pretty wacky things. Maybe your cat saw a weird shadow, heard a loud noise, or smelled something odd. For whatever the reason something could have very well spooked your cat when him or her was following right behind you, causing him or her to run for cover. Remember cats still have wild instincts and can be unpredictable and silly at times.

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Then Run Away Final Thoughts

Anyone who has ever had a cat for a pet knows they are very unpredictable creatures, yet we love them very much. If your feline friend has just recently started following you and then run away, pay close attention for they might be trying to tell you something. But more often than not your cat is probably just looking for some play time.

Have you ever notice your cat following you and then running away to go hide? What was your thoughts when it happened? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to checkout out latest cat article.

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