Why Does My Cat Sound like A Pigeon?

Have you ever been close to your cat and heard a sound that sounds incredibly similar to that of a pigeon? Don’t worry. You aren’t going crazy. This is a surprisingly common sound from cats. So, what does it mean? That is what we want to talk about on this page!

Sometimes cats will make themselves sound like pigeons because they want your attention or they are trying to show their affection toward you. Not all cats will sound like pigeons. However, when they do, you can be sure that it is mostly going to be a good thing.

We do want to expand upon this a little bit. After all, there is more than just one reason as to why you may catch your cat sounding like a pigeon. We also want to talk to you about some of the other, more common, sounds that you may hear escaping from your cat’s mouth.

Why Does My Cat Sound Like a Pigeon?

Why Does My Cat Sound like A Pigeon?

When a cat sounds like a pigeon, it is known as ‘trilling. While we can never be 100% sure why a cat trills, there are a few guesses as to why it occurs.

To Gain Your Attention

When cat mothers try to catch the attention of their young, they often let out a sound that is very similar to trilling. This means that if a cat trills, they have likely picked it up from their mother.

If the cat is not outwardly showing affection towards you, then their trilling could mean that they want your attention for whatever reason. This may be because they want some food. it may be because they want to show you something. In some cases, they simply may want you to pet them. Since you will likely have a solid read on your cat’s personality, we sure it won’t take you all that long to work out what your cat wants from you.

To Show Affection

There are some that believe that a cat that sounds like a pigeon is just doing so to show their affection. It shows that they are content with their surroundings and they absolutely love being close to you. If they are trilling while they are on your lap and you are petting or scratching them, then you best get on that as soon as possible because your cat is really enjoying your company at that moment!

They Are Hunting Pigeons

This is likely not going to be one that you hear all that much. Cats do have a limited ability to imitate the sounds of animals that they are hunting, especially birds. So, if a cat is caught sounding like a pigeon while out and about, then there is a small chance that they are hunting pigeons.

As we said, this is going to be incredibly rare. You may not even see your average domestic cat doing it as this is very much going to be a learned behavior from other cats. Most cats tend to hunt solo.

The Hear Sounds Outside

Cats, especially when they are very young, absolutely love to mimic the sounds that they hear around them. You can think of this as a cat getting to know the environment that it lives in. Part of the sounds that it may make will be similar to a pigeon.

You will likely know if a cat is trying to mimic the sounds around them if you can actually hear pigeons cooing, or at least something that sounds similar to that. Like when they are hunting pigeons, this isn’t really trilling. it is just a sound mimicking.

If My Cat Doesn’t Trill, Does It Mean They Don’t Like Me?

Absolutely not! While almost all cats have the ability to trill, there are some that do not trill. There may be several reasons for this. For example, it could be a learned behavior that they haven’t been able to pick up, or the cat’s general personality isn’t about that trilling.

So, yes. A cat trilling is going to be a great sign that they like you. However, it is not going to be the be-all and end-all when it comes to their love for you. If they are showing that they care about you in other ways, then whether they are trilling or not doesn’t matter. Your cat is showing you that they love you in the ways that they know how.

What Are the Most Common Cat Noises?

Of course, trilling is not the only sound that you are going to hear escaping from your cat. Outside of the obvious purring and meowing, there are a few other cat sounds that you may want to keep an eye out for.

Cat Howling

If you have a female cat that hasn’t been spayed, then you will almost certainly hear them howling on occasion. This is your cat trying to attract the attention of male cats. Obviously, this is something that can get incredibly irritating at times.

Cat Growling

This is an indication that your cat is annoyed with you for whatever reason. Remember, cats do like to be left alone on occasion, no matter how affectionate your cat may be at times. If your cat is growling, consider that a warning before they get very angry.

Cat Hissing

If you don’t heed their warning after a growl, then you get to enjoy the hiss. This is really your final warning. If you don’t back off now, that cat is liable to attack you.


Cats love to make this sound when they are looking outside. It is a sound of excitement, perhaps because they spotted something that they really like.

Why Does My Cat Sound like A Pigeon Final Thoughts

If your cat sounds like a pigeon, then it is almost always going to be a good thing. However, don’t worry if your cat doesn’t trill. Not all cats do it. Rest assured that if they are showing you affection in other ways, they love you whether they are trilling or not.

Has your cat ever sounded like a pigeon? How vocal is your cat? let us know in the comment section below and if you’d like to know more about weird cat behavior, checkout our other articles!

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